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The Oatcake Boat On Tour!

July 2024 Update… The Oatcake Boat is heading (for a weekend) to pastures new. The weekend of 6th and 7th of July 2024 we are in Congleton (I’ll post the exact location as always in the Facebook group) followed by our very first time at Bugsworth Basin – which is at the end of the […]

The Return to Great Haywood

The Return to Great Haywood (with mince pies…) Just a very quick update so you know what’s happening with The Oatcake Boat. I promise a full rundown of October’s fun and games next week! Happy to say we are moored up and open in Great Haywood – just the other side of the road bridge from our usual […]

Our Turn on YouTube!

Great Haywood, Gary Captain Phillips, Holly The Cafe Boat, The Deepest Lock, Westport Lake, Harecastle Tunnel and the Return of the Rains… Where to begin…with an apology for starters.  We had meant to get this email update to you before now, but we hadn’t banked on O2 being the worst network for data at Westport […]

A Minor Flood…

A Minor Flood, A Broken Knee, Radio Stardom, Feeding Hundreds of Footie Fans, A Lack of Water, and The Dash for Home for Oatcake Day… Well, that has the be the oddest but perhaps most exhilarating weekend ever! It all started with some welcome rain (more on the lack of that later!) but finding that some […]

The Oatcake Boat in the Rain

Evening B’Oatcakers! It’s a bit damp outside – the downpours put a stop to the metal paintwork prepping I was in the middle of which has dampened my mood a bit –  but the canoe club don’t seem to care though, which kinda makes sense! The news this week is that Gina finished ‘blanking’ one of the name panels […]