The Oatcake Boat in the Rain

Evening B’Oatcakers!

It’s a bit damp outside – the downpours put a stop to the metal paintwork prepping I was in the middle of which has dampened my mood a bit –  but the canoe club don’t seem to care though, which kinda makes sense!

The news this week is that Gina finished ‘blanking’ one of the name panels on the boat, ready for the new paintwork.  At some point, we will have to moor the other way round to do the other side of course, just not sure when we can but I’m sure we can work out the logistics somehow.

Another challenge that’s becoming more urgent is to get the bedroom decorated in time for our first cruising – which all being well will be in about 10 days’ time.  The lovely crew at Canal Cruising will – with a following wind – have done the essential engine work so we will have no reason not to take The Oatcake Boat to pastures new (for us!) which may even include a trip through Harecastle Tunnel. We’ve been through “The Scarecastle” on a CRT trip but never on our own boat!  Exciting and scary at the same time…

It’s business as usual this weekend though, and we are once again in Stone behind M&S. The What 3 Words is outlooks.cheerily.envoy so no excuses not to find us.  We will be adding mushrooms to the menu this weekend as well – many of you asked for them so it’s happening!

So see you in Stone this weekend in between the downpours!

Take care, and lots of love, 

Toby & Gina
The Oatcake Boat xxx